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Barkman Diamond Face Slabs
  • Barkman Diamond Face Slabs

    Diamond Face Slab is a great option for quickly laying down pathways or utility pads at a job site or in your own backyard. It is available in 3 different options that are 2″ thick.  This classic slab is durable, safe and will last all year round. 



    • Quickly lay down pathways, utility pads on a construction site or in a residential backyard
    • Diamond texture is now enhanced creating a more slip-resistant and consistent finish
    • The updated surface texture provides a more defined diamond tread pattern with spaced edges
    • It is available in 3 different sizes at 2″ thick
    • The refined classic slab that’s durable, safe and will last all year round


    When installing Diamond Face slabs, make sure to include a 2-5mm gap between each slab. This will provide enough room for the jointing sand and make installation easier.

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