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Bag of Black Granite

Bag of Black Granite

Our Bag of Black Granite is the perfect addition to any landscaping project. Each bag weighs between 50-75 lbs and when dumped out, the granite covers an area slightly larger than a 5-gallon pail. This granite is sleek and elegant, with a deep black color that adds a modern touch to any outdoor space. Use it to create pathways, borders, or as a decorative feature in a garden or around a pool. Our high-quality black granite is sure to impress and will last for years to come.

Upon initiating a return, each bag will undergo a meticulous inspection to assess its condition. Please note that damaged or torn bags, unfortunately, cannot be accepted for refund as they cannot be resold. We appreciate your understanding of this policy, as it allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and ensures a seamless return process.

Additionally, a nominal 5% refund fee will be applied to cover processing costs. We strive to provide exceptional service and appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these terms.

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