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Artforms Panel 18x36 Charcoal
  • Artforms Panel 18x36 Charcoal

    Artforms™ is a revolutionary system that utilizes a large-format modular panel system to create infinite design possibilities with ease. The Artforms™ Modular Panel System is available in two panel styles.



    • Large format high-strength concrete panels.
    • Clean lines for a contemporary aesthetic.
    • Mechanically fastened with stainless steel hardware.
    • Ideal for outdoor living projects of all sizes.
    • Suitable for rooftop applications.
    • Efficient installation with minimal waste.
    • Minimal disruption for property owner.
    • Easily added to existing projects.



    Panels are sized in modular shapes to quickly and efficiently construct outdoor kitchens, seating, planters, fire features and more. Easily affix panels together with the provided stainless steel hardware.

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