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Tandem Modular Block Grey
  • Tandem Modular Block Grey

    The flexibility of the Tandem Modular Block system allows interconnection of structural units by using their tenon and mortise features. This has the advantage of being able to build stronger walls by adding units in the back.


    Features & Benefits

    • Three different veneer face styles.
    • Design flexibility.
    • Better stability during installation.
    • Limited job site space solution.
    • Connecting multiple blocks together to reinforce to make a higher wall without geogrid.
    • Easily construct reinforced corners by connecting multiple blocks.
    • One all-purpose plastic connector; retaining wall, double faced wall, setback wall, corners, curved wall and columns.
    • Retaining & Freestanding Block Wall Systems


    For use with Ashlar Tandem, Lamina Tandem & Melville Tandem blocks.

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