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Architextures Flint
  • Architextures Flint

    Introducing Architextures™, the ultimate solution for modern landscaping challenges. This large format, contemporary retaining wall from Barkman is engineered to handle the most demanding landscape challenges, reaching heights of up to 8m (26’). With crisp edges and a clean linear appearance, this versatile product effortlessly complements both modern and traditional designs.   


    Not only is Architextures™ a robust retaining wall, but doubles as a versatile edger. This innovative product is designed to fit seamlessly into the most modern spaces, reflecting and enhancing your contemporary environment. With elegant colours and textures embedded within the block surface, Architextures™ offers a sleek and efficient solution. Plus, its hassle-free installation requires no extra panels, pins, or arduous setup, making it the perfect choice for your landscaping needs. Elevate your space with Architextures™—where functionality meets style effortlessly.  

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